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Incyte GEMTools software is an enterprise solution for managing gene expression data using the SQL Server and Oracle relational databases. It was one of the first integrated software packages designed with an easy-to-use interface to help scientist track and analyze the vast amounts of gene expression data generated from microarray experiments. GEMTools can be used quantify and graphically display your gene expression data. Incyte Genomics relied on the GEMTools for internal operations and to track each well, probe, cDNA target, and other components of GEM arrays through ordering, fabrication, image analysis, and final data delivery.

Incyte is no longer accepting any orders for bioreagent services, microarray services, LifeArray chips, or GEMTools software. This support page may be useful to prior Incyte customers who continue to use the GEMTools software or Lifearray chips in their laboratory.


GEMTools 2.5.2 Release Notes Read this for lastest release information.

GEMTools 2.5.2 (96MB) Full Server Installation Package.

Gene Hierarchy.CAB (370k) Gene ontology data file.

SYNIE.DLL (400k) This client library resolves the (PLATETYPE) error that may occur when synchronizing historical CAB files. Replaces the file in C:\Program Files\GEMTools

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GEMtools was one of the first client/server laboratory information management (LIMS) and microarray gene expression analysis systems on the market. The platform included robust image analysis software and image correction algorithms that are superior to many other cDNA array processing systems available today. GEMtools was originally developed in 1997 by Synteni Inc. a private company that was subsequently purchased by Incyte Corporation (NASDAQ: INCY). In 2002 Incyte exited the Gene Expression Microarray business and the GEMtools source code was licensed to several parties including Silicocyte/CytoGenomics, Quark Biotech, and Genomic Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: GHDX) The GEMtools software platform continues to evolve and is still in use today.

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